While LisaRaye tries not to give away any hints as to who she is referring to, Claudia Jordan and Vivica A. Fox seemingly know who she's speaking about.

AceShowbiz - LisaRaye McCoy dropped a bomb in a new episode of Fox Soul's "Cocktails with Queens" with Claudia Jordan. While discussing ex-Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, who came out as bisexual earlier this week, LisaRaye claimed that she once dated that a bisexual man in the industry, and that the person was still hiding his trueself.

"I have. And he's still a suspect," LisaRaye told Claudia and other guests, Syleena Johnson and Vivica A. Fox. "It ain't came out, but I been hearing it in the business. People have told me. When we were even together people would look at us sideways. I didn't know who they was looking at harder, me or him."

While LisaRaye tried not to give away any hints as to who she was referring to. However, it seemed like Claudia and Vivica knew who she was speaking about. "LisaRaye I'm going to tell you, I was actually surprised to see you with him," Vivica told Lisa, who later responded, "Y'all don't know s**t!"

Lisa previously opened up about what she's looking for in man. "I want him to be generous. And when I say generous, I mean generous with his feelings. Not to hide behind his feelings," she shared back in May.

"Generous with his conversation so we can communicate. Generous financially. Generous with family because I'm a family-oriented person. He needs to be a businessman because I'm a businesswoman and I want us to grow together financially healthy," she added.

Lisa, who is currently single, also said that she wanted him to "have swag and to have fun. Not to take himself so serious where he's in a box." She continued, "I need him to have eyes for me only. I'm older now. I don't have time to be playing. I don't want to be a notch on your belt. I want us to grow in love and just grow so we can do the things in life that's left to do that maybe he hasn't done and I haven't done, that we can share together."

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