The 'Love Actually' actor talks about misogyny and sexism as he explains his distaste for the traditional masculinity that views male as superior than female.

AceShowbiz - Bill Nighy has never fully felt like a man due to his dislike of traditional notions of masculinity.

The "Love Actually" actor stars alongside Annette Bening in "Hope Gap" - a movie about the collapse of a marriage - and he says the role gave him the chance to explore his own complicated relationship with gender.

Speaking to The Guardian, he explains, "I don't like the look of hardly any versions of being male, frankly. I never found those expressions of masculinity attractive. When I was younger I'd keep quiet in the company of men because I always felt that I wasn't one.

"The myth is that men feel less, but I don't know; I've never been a woman. How do you measure such things? I know that I have feelings. And I know the myth of women being weaker is male propaganda. Just more bulls**t."

The star went on to say that unless misogyny and sexism are dealt with properly, the world will continue to be a dark place.

"Men have been getting away with everything for centuries," he adds. "It's completely barmy. And until we deal with sexual politics, the world will not function properly. Yet there are always those forces - which are working overtime at the moment - trying to halt the civilising process. Medieval stuff you wouldn't think would even hang in the air in 2020."

The star doesn't want to be viewed as an expert on sex, gender or relationships, however, saying he's too much of a solitary soul to hold forth on the topic.

"If I start talking as if I'm an expert on sexual relations, call a cab," he muses. "I've had no contact with the supernatural or made any connections with other dimensions. I don't have any answers. I don't get out much. And, what with the pandemic, I obviously get out even less."

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