What Happened? 'LHHH' Alum Brandi Boyd Crying in New Video

Some people assume that the reality TV star might be abused because she has a red bruise on her arm, as one person says, 'All Imma say is I pray she gets the help she needs.'

AceShowbiz - Brandi Boyd is apparently having a hard time right now. The "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" alum has recently taken to her Instagram account to post a video of herself crying without giving any explanation, prompting some people to be worried over her well-being.

In the said video posted on Thursday, August 27, Brandi simply stared at the camera with a distressed look on her face. She left the post captionless, making people wonder what made her sad like that. One person speculated that she might be experiencing abuse as s/he pointed out what appeared to be a bruise on her arm. "She was abused, I think I see a bruise," so the person said.

Someone else agreed with the person's assumption, adding, "You would be right it's on her elbow and it's red. I do this too. Post vids just to show people this is what I'm going through. She might be tryna reach out and this the only way. But she looks distressed, scared, and hurt." Some other people who thought the same prayed that she got the help she needed, with an individual saying, "All Imma say is I pray she gets the help she needs."

Meanwhile, Brandi has since deleted the post.

Should the abuse speculations be true, it's still unclear who did this to her. The reality TV star is currently married to Max Lux and shares two children with him. Last year, Brandi vented her frustrations after she caught a woman sliding into her husband's DMs.

"I am soooooo tired of these lame garbage no respect having females like @goodassbakery going after married men & relationships all in DMs," she ranted. "I just had a new baby & I have 5 year old!!!!! i just left a voice msg yelling so loud I had to ask god 4 strength!" She added, "Us mothers and wifes out here dealing with life tryna raise a family and these [rat] try hard to ruin everything ! Get help because everyone has to deal with god & karma in the end."

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