Lil Baby Claims Baby Mama Doesn't Get a Car Because She's 'Irresponsible'

Ayesha Little quickly responds to Baby with a statement on Instagram Stories, saying how she's been 'hurt' and struggling 'in silent' while the 'Bigger Picture' rapper splurges and provides for his new family.

AceShowbiz - Lil Baby has clapped back at his baby mama Ayesha Little after the later called him out and dubbed him "petty" on an Instagram Live on Sunday, August 16. The "Emotionally Scarred" rapper took to Twitter to share his side of the story as to why he didn't give her a car as he promised.

"my kids beyond well taken care of ....," so he wrote on the blue bird app on Monday. Responding to a fan who suggested him to "just get her a Honda and call it a day," Baby tweeted, "I bought her a Range Rover but she ain't get it because she's irresponsible .. she get her priories together the car is sittin in my garage waiting on her."

Baby also set the records straight about claims that he didn't pay their kid Jason's tuition. "Cap I told her I wasn't paying the tuition but since she lying on my name I paid the tuition just to show y'all she not go even make sure the kid attends the classes .. I ain't pay the tuition cause she don't take him when she had a car. but tuitions paid now what," he explained.

Ayesha quickly responded to Baby's tweets with a statement on Instagram Stories. "God knows and the world knows because y'all have witnessed Lil Baby splurge and provide for his new family while I stayed silent, hurt and struggled in silent hustled and humbled myself in silent prayed in silent while he was neglecting me and jason," she shared.

"Now all of sudden when I'm fed up and speaking the truth oh the tuition paid and the car in the garage man i'm to real for this fake s**t," she concluded her message.

Upon seeing the drama, fans didn't seem to have sympathy for Ayesha. " 'Me & Jason' that's where she's confused he's only obligated to take care of his son she's making this personal," one said. Echoing the sentiment, another user commented, "just because you are the father of his child doesn't mean you are entitled to his money....embarrassing."

Someone else, meanwhile, agreed with Ayesha about Baby being petty. "I'd be damn to wait on a man just to give me a car, no matter if he promised It or not," the person said, though the user added that "sometimes you gotta work hard & get stuff yourself!"

During her recent Instagram Live, Ayesha claimed that she and Jason were forced to ride in ubers to commute because Baby refused to give her a car. Highlighting how dangerous it could be for her and the four-year-old boy to be with strangers amid COVID-19 pandemic, she said, "We're pretty much putting ourselves in a position to actually catch COVID-19 from one of our drivers who possibly had it because they've been driving around people all day."

Ayesha also denied blowing Baby up for a car. However, she did admit that she reached out to the rapper when her car "really went bad, and we needed that car that he had been promising us for two years that he, by the way, never gives to us."

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