Kylie Jenner on Being Accused of Calling Herself 'Brown Skinned Girl': It's Photoshopped

Proving that the receipts going around on the Internet are fake, the 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star says her original caption was simply a white heart and a sparkling emoji.

AceShowbiz - Kylie Jenner has broken her silence after she was being accused of calling herself "brown skinned girl" in one of her recent Instagram posts. Taking to Instagram Stories on Monday, August 17, the makeup mogul shut down the accusation and said that the receipts going around online were photoshopped.

Kylie first caught wind of the accusation after gossip site The Shade Room posted an article about it on its Instagram account, prompting the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star to jump to the comment section to write, "This is photoshopped. Never said this. Have a good day." She later returned to the photo-sharing site with her own receipts to prove that the previous receipts were photoshopped.

In one post, Kylie said, "Saw online someone photoshopped this photo I posted to change my caption from 'Brown eyed girl' to 'Brown skinned girl.' I never said this." She later explained that her original caption was simply a white heart and a sparkling emoji, before she added, "Brown eyed girl," a few minutes later. "That is all," so the mother of one said along with the proof.

Kylie previously received backlash due to the accusation. "They wanna be black so bad until it's actually time to BE black. Don’t let that go over your head," one person said. "Y'all realize you ain't gotta be black to be brown skinned right? Y'all claim everybody tryna be black. Y'all ain't the only race with brown skin.....calm down," another added.

Someone else commented, "She can't get out of this one! And the fact some people are defending her saying you don't have to be black to be brown skinned. No but you have to be a person of color which she is not! She is white, that tan will wear of."

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