Trina Defends Cardi B's 'WAP' Amid Criticism of Sexual Lyrics

The 'Love and Hip Hop: Miami' cast member, who also has a fair share of rap songs with sexual lyrics, says in a new interview that 'some people can't really handle' raunchy songs.

AceShowbiz - Trina has weighed in on the criticism that Cardi B and her collaborator Megan Thee Stallion faced regarding the raunchy lyrics on their new track "WAP". In a new interview, the Miami rapper shares that she and her friends laugh as haters are being mad for no reason.

"I just feel like it's a freedom of expression," she explains to Complex. "I feel like I'm the main person to be like, 'Yes,' because I'm a sensual person. I came out in my career talking about being sensual and being expressive."

The "Love & Hip Hop: Miami" cast member, who also has her fair share of rap songs with sexual lyrics, shares that "some people can't really handle it, and that's fine," adding that "it's not for everybody." She sarcastically goes on saying, "If you're one of those that can't handle it, stay up under the rock. You do that. This is not the world for you. This is the world of extraordinary, and it's women being free of fear and saying what they feel like saying."

She later sends love to her fellow emcees. "Shout out to all the new female artists," she exclaims. "I love to see it. There's more women that we can celebrate that are beautiful. Hate it or love it, we're here to stay."

Prior to this, Cardi used Trina to defend "WAP", which means "Wet A** P***y", pointing out that she isn't the only femcee with raunchy songs. "People think that WAP is so nasty and freaky except people from Florida .....Trina,Khia,Jackie O used to go in in," Cardi wrote on Tuesday, August 11 on Twitter. The name-drop of Trina was enough to make the VH1 personality to trend on the app.

"Trina said 'I'll f**k him in the living room while his children home I make him eat it while my period on' Wap is mid compared to that," wrote one user, also defending "WAP". Another fan added, "We literally grew up with Oochie Wally, My Neck my back, Trina, Whisper Song, Tip Drill, P***y Popping, Disco Inferno, the entire 2LiveCrew catalog but Wap is where the line is finally drawn."

Someone else chimed in, "If y'all think WAP is the nastiest thing you heard, then stay away from Trina. 'Look Back At Me' makes WAP look innocent."

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