In a new interview, Lola Consuelos calls her TV presenter mom's occasional butt selfies 'ridiculous' and admits to blocking thirst-trap photos of her actor dad out of her mind.

AceShowbiz - Kelly Ripa's daughter is not a fan of her mother's online habits, and has no trouble in making it clear. When sitting down with her mother to talk about her social media approach, Lola Consuelos candidly admitted that her mom's "butt selfies" were "ridiculous" and "thirst traps" pictures of Mark Consuelos "disgusted" her.

The mother and daughter duo were featured in a "Like Mother, Like Daughter" video for People magazine's inaugural family issue. In the ten-minute-plus clip published on Wednesday, August 12, the pair discussed their similarities and differences in love, style and other topics. Things got interesting when they bantered over their social media approach.

Responding to question about what her mother posted she would never do herself, Lola first pointed out that Kelly's "belfie," or "butt selfie" as she explained to her TV host mom, was "ridiculous." She went on by confessing that she was grossed out by her mom's "thirst traps" snaps of her father. "That's disgusting. I blocked that out of my mind. I forgot that you even did that," she stated.

The NYU sophomore jokingly admitted she was not even sure if she is still following the "Live With Kelly and Ryan" host on Instagram anymore. "I don't even know if I follow you on Instagram still! I'm kidding, I would never," she said with a chuckle.

During the discussion, Lola pointed out Kelly's clapback to haters was another of her no-no's on social media. When her mother argued that her reactions were what people wanted from her, the 19-year-old replied, "I understand. But I just don't even think you should give them the time of day. I mean these people are sitting at home wishing they were you."

"We don't need any clapbacks. Irrelevant people should stay out of our lives," Lola insisted when Kelly was still adamant in defending her "healthy relationship" with her haters. The teen's final statement prompted the mother of three to accept the advice as saying, "Alright, you're always wiser than I am."

Despite her disapproval of her mother's online habits, Lola has nothing but admiration for the 49-year-old. "I really admire how you've raised me to be a confident and hardworking woman. And I feel like you've taught me the importance of growing up as a woman in this world. I have an amazing example in front of my eyes of what a hardworking, amazing woman is," the aspiring singer raved.

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