YaYa Mayweather Told to 'Humble' Herself After Ranting About Fake Birkins

The daughter of Floyd Mayweather, Jr. calls out people who are flexing their luxurious Hermes bags on social media, but critics troll her back for sounding 'bitter.'

AceShowbiz - For being the daughter of Floyd Mayweather, Jr., Iyana Mayweather a.k.a. YaYa Mayweather has got the privilege of enjoying some luxuries in her life. Having known the quality of some fancy items, the 19-year-old has called out those who are flexing "fake" Birkins on social media.

On Tuesday, August 11, the former girlfriend of NBA YoungBoy Never Broke Again took to Instagram Stories to question the authenticity of those Hermes bags that people paraded on the Gram. "Wait a minute... This is getting out of hand! I'm starting to see too many people on this app with Birkins like their just some regular bags that you can go buy," she wrote. "Some of these Birkins gotta be fake and I'm not saying everybody's is fake."

Claiming that not everyone can get their hands on the fancy item, she pointed out, "I'm not trying to be funny, but let's make somethings crystal clear for one you can't just walk into an Hermes store and buy a Birkin you have to be like a member in order to buy them." She went on explaining, "Two, even if you are a member you can only buy so many a year (and because of this is why my dad sometimes goes overseas to purchase them)."

Being a Hermes bag police, YaYa also wanted to clarify the names of different items from the brand. "Another thing can y'all please stop calling the Hermes bag with one strap a 'Birkin' because it's not it's called a Kelly bag and the travel size Hermes bag is called a Hawk," so she stressed.

While many agreed with YaYa's claims, some others couldn't help trolling her for ranting about the fake Birkins out there. "she needs to humble herself," a critic urged the former boxing champion's daughter. Another was confused why she had to be upset about such thing, writing, "Poor thing she don't feel special no more everybody got em."

"Every since nba left her she been ranting on social media being bitter stabbing people the girl losing it," a third user claimed. Another asked, "so is she the only girl that can have a birkin?" Someone else sarcastically remarked, "She called us broke and said remember she a 400 million dollar heiress. Love that."

Some others were curious as to whom YaYa was walking about and began making guesses. "I think she talking about @alexisskyy_ because she was that last person to post a bag," one speculated, with another agreeing, "She's talking about @therealkylesister." Another suggested, "Jayda and lil baby those the only two who post new bags every other week."

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