Watch How Gwen Stefani Reacts to Blake Shelton Being Called Her Husband!

As Dua Lipa refers to the No Doubt frontwoman and her longtime boyfriend as a married couple, the 'Hollaback Girl' star says 'that sounds cool' while clarifying her relationship with the country musician.

AceShowbiz - Gracious Gwen Stefani helped Dua Lipa recover from a TV gaffe after the "New Rules" singer suggested the No Doubt star and her boyfriend Blake Shelton were married.

Lipa was a guest host on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on Monday (10Aug20), and during a virtual chat with "Hollaback Girl" singer Gwen, the British star asked about life on lockdown at her "husband" Shelton's Oklahoma ranch.

"Well, he's not my husband, but that sounded cool when you said it," Stefani responded as Lipa looked embarrassed, and went on to reveal that life on the farm has been a lot of fun for the California girl.

"I think it was, like, 15 people and it was really actually a lot of fun," Gwen said. "All of a sudden work is over and you just get to indulge being on this ranch. Every day was like a new thing, like, 'A baby armadillo today!'"

Gwen and Blake and her sons have since returned to Los Angeles.

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