Fans Urge Tory Lanez to Be Deported After Megan Thee Stallion Says She Was Shot in Both Feet

During her stream, the 'Savage' hitmaker reveals through tears that she had to get surgery to get the bullets out of her body, saying, 'It was just the worst experience of my life.'

AceShowbiz - People are fuming following Megan Thee Stallion's recent Instagram Live. Many are directing their hatred towards Tory Lanez after the Hot Girl Summer revealed during the tearful session on Monday, July 27 that she got shot in both feet.

Not mentioning Tory's name at all during the Live, Megan opened up about the harrowing incident she faced. "I was shot in both of my feet and I had to get surgery to get the s**t taken out, to get the bullets taken out," she said, tearing up. "I had to get surgery. It was super scary. It was just the worst experience of my life and it's not funny."

Megan went on slamming people who made a joke about her shooting and expressed how glad she was because the bullets "didn't touch the bones. They didn't break tendons." She continued, "I know my mama and daddy, my granny had to be looking out for me with that one because where the bullets hit at, it missed everything, but the motherf***er was in there."

During the session, Megan also explained why she stayed silent on social media and reflected on the incident. "I wasn't taking enough time for myself," she tearfully told her viewers. "I thought I was ready to give good energy to other people, but people weren't ready to give good energy to me. I definitely had to sit my a** down and pray on it, and I do feel a lot better."

To conclude her stream, Megan reassured her fans that she's "alive and well" in addition to promising them that she'd "get back to regular programming with my own hot girl s**t."

Following her Live session, many quickly slammed Tory as it was alleged that the Canadian singer was the one who shot Megan. Some even went as far as creating a petition urging the government to deport Tory to his native country of Canada and ban him from entering the U.S. again. "Department of Homeland Security: DEPORT TORY LANEZ - Sign the Petition!" one said alongside the link to the said petition that had been signed by more than 5,000 people.

"He literally shot her twice, deport that leprechaun back to where he came from," someone who supported the petition said. "Get him deported and prosecuted. We will no longer accept thiz violent abuse towards Black women. When will our lives matter?" another commented, as one other wrote, "Oh let me sign this. I want his peanut sized a** banned!!!"

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