Tommie Lee Further Comments on 'Pity Party Bs' That Daughter Starts Following Abortion Claims

The 'LHH: Atlanta' alum doubles down on her statement in a post on Instagram Stories as she claims that she will 'never force someone to do anything with their body.'

AceShowbiz - Tommie Lee's beef with daughter Samaria has yet to end. The mother-daughter duo has been involved in an online back-and-forth after the pregnant Samaria accused Tommie of tricking her into abortion, an allegation that Tommie denied. While Tommie seemingly wants to end the discussion, people apparently refuse to leave her alone.

Tommie recently posted a lengthy message to her sister who just welcomed her child, and that only prompted people to give her questions about the matter. "I Love you sister. I'm proud of you so Happy for my niece, the moment you told me you were scared I came to be by your side, only we know what's truly going on. I know you'll continue being a great mom, and I'm here for you like I've always been.through whatever decisions you make...," so the "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" alum captioned a picture of her holding her newborn niece.

She mentioned that she flew to accompany her sister while she gave birth, adding, "it's heart breaking how selfish someone could be trying to take your special day flip/lie and make it about themselves sis we know the truth and I promise I got you and my niece, don't feel any other way but loved In you're moment!7/22 we love you Sace @servachi you got this."

Some fans then asked Tommie in the comment section about her daughter, to which the TV star responded, "what about her? Y'all need to grow up I'm not beefing or going back and fourth [sic] with a child my daughter knows exactly what she did and why I'm not around her and it's really none of y'all business....."

She doubled down on her statement in a post on Instagram Stories. "same advice i gave her i gave my daughter it's advice i'd never force someone to do anything with their body," she insisted. "and as for all this pity party bs my daughter knows exactly why i'm not dealing with her in this moment but unlike her i choose not to make her look crazy while she's pregnant and post the disrespectful a** videos of her."

Concluding her message, Tommie said, "every action has a reaction and hers warranted me to fall back and let her be as grown as she told me she was simple!"

The tension between Tommie and Samaria started after the latter wrote on Instagram that "my mom and aunt teamed up to try to trick me into having an abortion. Same aunt that had her first child at 17!! And mother at 18." She also accused her mom of not getting in touch with her throughout her pregnancy and kicking her out of the house for refusing to abort her child.

In response to the allegations, Tommie claimed that she "was hurt" and "disappointed." Samaria was quick to hit back. "You wouldn't know where I was living or what's going on with me cause we don't speakā€¦," she said, before responding to Tommie's wish for her daughter to finish high school. "I'm in my rightful grade and currently about to start school at home!" she added. "I know you ain't never have enough money to pay or have me or Havalli so how did you do it ??"

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