Tommie Lee Feuding With Daughter Who Claims She Tricks Her Into Having 'Abortion'

Samaria claims that she once flew to L.A. after learning news of the reality TV star dying, but it turned out her mother was lying and forcing her to have an abortion.

AceShowbiz - Tommie Lee and her daughter Samaria are currently on bad terms. It all started after the latter, who is currently pregnant with her first child, accused her reality TV star mother and aunt of trying to trick her into having an abortion.

Samaria shared on Instagram Stories, "Y'all I was just told how my mom and aunt teamed up to try to trick me into having an abortion. Same aunt that had her first child at 17!! And mother at 18." She went on adding that the two tried to convince her to get an abortion because "it was for my best," before accusing the "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" alum of not getting in touch with her throughout her pregnancy.

She continued saying, "But your otw to help deliver a b***h who was going to help you get me to kill my baby and still have her baby today. I wish y'all the best of luck weirdos." In another post, Samaria wrote, "I've been staying cool calm collected but my aunt and mother got me to fly to LA thinking my mother was dying only to try and be forced to have an abortion!! After I didn't want it I was kicked out of the house and forced to find my own way home!"

Tommie gave her response hours later on Instagram Live. Reflecting on her past a young mother, Tommie let it be known that the reason why she was opposed to her daughter's decision to have a child at such a young age was because Tommie didn't want her to face the things that she faced in the past. She wanted Samaria to enjoy her teenage years to the fullest rather than having a baby because that time would not come back again. "I was hurt. I was disappointed," she said during the session.

Samaria was quick to hit back. "You wouldn't know where I was living or what's going on with me cause we don't speakā€¦," she said, before responding to Tommie's wish for her daughter to finish high school. "I'm in my rightful grade and currently about to start school at home!" she added. "I know you ain't never have enough money to pay or have me or Havalli so how did you do it ??"

She continued, "Exactly ain't nobody stupid that's what Medicaid for! You doing all of this but not once spoke on what happened in LA."

Tommie hasn't responded back.

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