B. Simone Admits She Gets Anxiety Because of Fans' Rude Behavior

In a video shared on Instagram, the 'Million Dollar Freestyle' rapper urges her fans not to 'walk up on somebody and put a camera on their face' because it's rude.

AceShowbiz - B. Simone urges people to stop approaching her aggressively. The "Million Dollar Freestyle" rapper turned to social media on Wednesday, July 22 to lament the fact that most people who want to take pictures with her apparently can't ask for it casually.

In the video, Simone began by saying, "So look. As much as I love y'all, and I love how y'all support me and I love how y'all love me, it's getting overwhelming in public." She went on saying, "Because y'all so rude. You can't walk up on somebody and put a camera on their face," before giving out examples of how they should behave when meeting her.

"I'm never gonna say no. I'm so approachable, I'm so nice, I'm always smiling, but do not walk up to me and put a camera on my face like I'm obligated to be on your camera," Simone added. "That's so rude and overwhelming, y'all. Y'all do not do that." Unable to hold back her emotion, Simone groaned before saying, "I'm shaking. That's so overwhelming and it gives people anxiety.

Following the video, Simone gave out more explanation and alluded that the reason why she posted the clip was because someone approached her so rudely. The "Blueberry Pain" spitter said, "Please just ask I'll never say no. What this girl did to me in Kroger was ridiculous. You don't just grab people and scream and put a camera in their face. You introduce yourselves and YOU ASK. Thank you."

Many people have since shown Simone support. "She does have a point. Respect people's space. Put ya cracked screens down and ask first," one said. "Yeah that's rude af no matter how famous. She's still a human being," another agreed, with one other writing, "Respect people's space. That should be a given. Plus some of y'all got the Rona and don't even know it. Keep ya distance and ask. That's easy."

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