Lizzo Covered With Gold Stars in Topless Instagram Picture

Additionally, the 'Good as Hell' singer posts a short clip featuring her throwing some sexy gazes to the camera while 'Black and we fine, we do this all the time' can be heard in the background.

AceShowbiz - Lizzo is feeling daring. The "Truth Hurts" singer has treated her Instagram followers to two topless pictures of herself. The Tuesday, July 22 post saw Lizzo looking stunning while posing underneath the bright sun.

In the post, Lizzo was seen showing some skin while catching Magic Hour sunlight glow. To keep her modesty, she covered her breasts with her hands. Her body and face were covered with multiple gold star cutouts in various size.

As for the hair, Lizzo opted green hair that matched her eyeshadows. "When they say 'ima star' this is what they mean," so the "Juicy" hitmaker captioned the snap. Additionally, she posted a short clip featuring her throwing some sexy gazes to the camera while "Black and we fine, we do this all the time" could be heard in the background.

Lizzo is no stranger to share provocative pictures on social media. She was also known for her love of twerking which she also used to clap back at a racist rental house owner who kicked her and her entourage out during their vacation earlier this month.

Instead of normally ranting like any other people would do, the "Good as Hell" rapper posted on Instagram on Sunday, July 5 a video of her twerking against a picturesque background. Rocking a red fishnet dress, the rapper excitedly moved her booty as her friends could be heard cheering her in the background.

In the caption of the post, Lizzo cheekily said that she dedicated her twerking to the owner of the rental house before she went on attacking him. "This is for the man that kicked me out of my 7-day rental 3 days early yesterday," she said on the photo-sharing site. "This is for mocking the way that I dance and for using Instagram footage of me and my 6 black homegirls to say that we could 'hurt him' and threaten to call the police."

She added, "I know you're watching my page so I just want you to know you can't stop this black girls' shine. Thanks for kicking us out cus this house is better anyways. Xoxo."

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