Charlize Theron Psyched Up Over Suggestion of Future WWE Match

Professional wrestler Kofi Kingston believes the 'Atomic Blonde' actress would be the perfect candidate to step into the ring in a fight against Becky Lynch or Sasha Banks.

AceShowbiz - Charlize Theron has jumped at the opportunity to put her movie fight skills to the test against a professional wrestler.

The actress has been building up a reputation as an action star after taking on films like "Atomic Blonde", "Mad Max: Fury Road", and new Netflix movie "The Old Guard", for which she trained up to five hours a day for almost four months.

During a recent YouTube interview with WWE star Kofi Kingston, he praised Theron for her hard work, and suggested she would be the perfect candidate to step into the ring.

"I think you might actually have a career or a future, if you wanted it, as a WWE superstar," Kingston smiled. "The fact for you to be able to pick up those moves so naturally, I would love to see you go one-on-one with a Becky Lynch, or like, a Sasha Banks. Do you know what I mean? Or Bayley, or Charlotte (Flair)! I feel like you would fit right in."

An ecstatic Theron replied, "Wow, is this an invite? Yes! When and where?"

"I know we're in a crisis situation right now, so it's not any time soon," she continued, referring to the coronavirus pandemic, "but that sounds awesome and I will get my a** kicked. So that would be really entertaining for everybody to watch because I am a mere actor, but that would be so much fun!"

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