Kylie Jenner Blamed for Tory Lanez's Arrest and Megan Thee Stallion's Injury

Many people now believe that all the misfortunes that befall Tory and Megan are the result of the infamous Kardashian curse, since both of them hung out with Kylie right before the incident.

AceShowbiz - The story behind Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion's drama remains a mystery, but at least there's one thing that people can agree with. Many are now putting the blame on Kylie Jenner for what happened to both Tory and Megan.

For your reminder, Tory and Megan were hanging out with the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star before all the drama started. People found it weird that all the misfortunes went to Tory and Megan while Kylie did not have any troubles at all following the bash. This prompted them to blame the makeup mogul for what happened, specifically pointing out at the infamous Kardashian curse.

"All I know is this the final straw for me with the Kardashian Curse ain't nobody can tell me that shit ain't real. Tory and Megan hung out with Kylie ONCE now Tory in Jail and Megan got bullet holes in her feet? Yeah aight." one said. "Megan Thee Stallion got shot. Tory Lanez got arrested. And Kylie Jenner went home fine. We all know who's behind this," another wrote, along with a GIF of Kris Jenner holding a gun.

Someone else echoed, "All I know is Megan has been unproblematic and never in trouble. The one time she hangs wit Kylie Jenner she gets shot in the foot & we all know the Kardashian curse is REAL." There was also an individual who commented, "Kylie put her dumbass curse on Megan," while another person wrote, "Megan was doing fine til Kylie came over. The kardashian curse is real."

Last weekend, Tory was arrested on gun charge with Megan inside his car. It was later found out that the "Savage" hitmaker suffered a cut on her foot, which was initially believed to be from the broken glass on the floor of the vehicle. However, Megan later revealed in a statement that her injury was the result of a gunshot. She assured her fans that she's doing alright following the incident, though.

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