Aaron Carter Claims Michael Jackson Told Him Why He Liked Spending Time With Kids

In a new interview, the former child star also talks about Wade Robson, who accuses Michael of sexually abusing him when he was a kid, saying, 'Why can't y'all go out and make your own money?'

AceShowbiz - Aaron Carter is reminiscing his past friendship with late singer Michael Jackson during a recent interview. In the new interview, Aaron, who was reportedly close with the singing legend, claimed that the "King of Pop" told him why he liked to hang out with kids.

"He started giggling and he said, 'Because the best way in the music industry to stay relevant is to always keep instilling a positive message into the younger youth and showing them different sides of life,' " Aaron said during an interview with VladTV on Tuesday, July 14, adding that there was nothing "improper" between him and Michael. He also praised Michael for being "nice and kind and loving."

Aaron also talked about Wade Robson, who accuses Michael of sexually abusing him when he was a kid. "Why can't y'all go out and make your own money? Get a job at a f***ing Starbucks or something," he responded. "I don't understand why.. don't you see the pattern? They wait till they're gone to accuse them of being a pedophile."

He also claimed that he had a conversation with "Billie Jean" hitmaker two weeks before his death. According to Aaron, Michael told him, 'Man, I just can't take this anymore. This is it. This is the final curtain call for me." As for why Michael had a plastic surgery, Aaron said it was because of all the body shaming that he got.

Prior to this, Aaron said on "Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition" that "Michael was a really good guy, as far as I know, a really good guy. He never did anything that was inappropriate. Except for one time. There was one thing that he did that was a little bit inappropriate."

He then clarified his statement, "My reasoning for even speaking on this subject is to tell my truth, be real and to also have his back based on my experiences with Michael. He was an amazing guy, I stand by that. So I ask u not to turn this into something it isn't."

"In my opinion it WAS a Little inappropriate what’s the problem with that? What I achieved? I'm not trying to achieve anything except telling my story to validate he didn't f***ing do anything sexual! Are you all this stupid? Honestly?" he added.

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