Tamar Braxton Compares 'Braxton Family Values' With 'KUTWK': 'We Make 75 Percent LESS'
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In a tweet, Tamar points out the mistreatment that her family experienced on WE tv including being paid much less than the Kardashians for 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' despite her singing the theme song for 'BFV'.

AceShowbiz - Tamar Braxton blasted "Braxton Family Values" executive producers in a series of tweets on Monday, July 13. The discussion started after a fan took to Twitter to share that s/he missed the show on TV before Tamar actually caught wind of the tweet.

"I am in TEARSSSS why @TamarBraxtonHer do her mama @EvelynBraxton like that I miss #BraxtonFamilyValues," the person said alongside a clip of the show. The post prompted one other user to note that the show was funny in the first few seasons before "it became a drama."

Tamar then responded to the conversation, writing, "& STILL more DRAMA till this day! but that's what happens when it's all white executives having all the power & telling your black family stories I WILL get justice for my family and all other black reality shows with the narrative of ABP & negativity. it's TERRIBLE& I'm tired."

She then added in a separate post, "Your post is exactly what I'm talking about. I too feel the same way. It used to be funny and fun. But some will say well you actually said or did the negative things. True but now true. It's the context. And that's why they do it. To ruin your credibility."

Another fan then chimed in, hoping that Tamar and her family would bring the show to black-owned network. "I wish y'all could work out a deal with a black owned network. Any one of them would be ecstatic to have the Braxton Family! @BET @OWNTV @bouncetv @tvonetv We ALL remember the ratings that @BFV_WEtv brought to @WEtv !! #PayThemTheirWorth #PayThemTheirRespect," said the person.

In response to the tweet, Tamar pointed out the mistreatment that she and her family experienced on WE tv. She shared that they were paid much less than the Kardashians for "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" despite her singing the theme song for "Braxton Family Values", which aired its last episode in June 2019.

"Are we going to talk about pay.... I 100 percent wrote the theme song... where is the coin... our show is on Netflix.... where is the coin... 10 years on The air... we make 75 percent LESS than the kardashians. How come there are no villains on that show," she tweeted.

Tamar Brexton discussed 'Braxton Family Values' on Twitter

Tamar Brexton discussed 'Braxton Family Values' on Twitter.

Concluding her statement, Tamar said that she wasn't ranting. "This isn't a rant. This started from a statement with a fan saying how much they missed how funny my family was. They stopped watching because it was so much Drama. So this is not 'crazy Tamar' which is always the story when I'm telling the truth," she said in a now-deleted post.

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