Gwyneth Paltrow Gifts Teen Son Moses Boob Puzzle During Lockdown

The Goop founder reveals in a lockdown story that she bought her 14-year-old son a boob puzzle to keep him entertained during the ongoing coronavirus quarantine.

AceShowbiz - Gwyneth Paltrow bought her 14-year-old son Moses a 450-piece boob puzzle "just for fun" to keep him entertained during the coronavirus lockdown.

The "Iron Man" actress shares Moses with ex-husband Chris Martin" and opened up about how she was passing time during the pandemic in a post on her Goop website titled 'Summer at Home.'

Revealing that she and her family have been playing tabletop games for enjoyment while "staying in," Gwyneth revealed she splashed out on the $40 (£31) Jiggy puzzle - which features artist Julia Heffernan's watercolour depiction of various female breasts - for her teenage son.

"There's been a lot of Trivial Pursuit happening at the house. And I got Moses the boob puzzle just for fun," she wrote.

Elsewhere in the post, Gwyneth revealed how she's keeping herself sane while working from home as people continue social distancing in a bid to stop the spread of Covid-19.

"I've reset my course a bit to embrace this new normal, and after three and a half months, I've found hacks that make WFH (working from home) a little less taxing, tips for combating recipe fatigue, ways to move my body and quiet my mind and make sheltering in place feel like a holiday without ever stepping foot on a plane," she added.

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