The 'Power' alum writes a lengthy comment to respond to a hater who is bothered by the fact that he asks other black people whether they value each other.

AceShowbiz - Omari Hardwick just wanted to congratulate Erika James for becoming the first black female dean of the Wharton School of Business at The University of Pennsylvania, only to find himself being criticized over his marriage. Not one to remain silent, the actor quickly hit back at the user with a lengthy post telling her to mind her own business.

Underneath his congratulatory post, the said user expressed how bothered she was by the fact that Omari asked his fellow black people whether they value each other. She commented, "You asking do we value us?? Meanwhile you choose a white woman. Smh. I can never take u type of guys serious."

Omari was clearly not having it. In his response, the "Power" alum made it clear that he would never answer her question because in his opinion, the user just proved his point was right. "You know nooothing about Jae nor my kids. I would NEVER disrespect your significant other or your kids. So watch your mouth in disrespecting mine," so he said. "I value us & me so much I can be with whomever the F**K I was called to be with. THAT is NOT a race thing. It's a SOUL thing."

He continued, "Every sister I ever been with was uniquely powerful & valued themselves as well as our race. It's interesting you say what you say…while they still value me & even my life mate to the point of friendship with her. If them ex's read this…they would say exactly what i am & what @vcusherlover said. Meanwhile… I know not to ever send anyone I care about to you for your craft used in being a nurse."

Concluding his post, Omari wanted his critic to know that he didn't trust "s**t you say. So we're even. Yet sooo not. Please unfollow me. God bless you & your family's days ahead."

Omari tied the knot with his wife, Jae, in 2012. They share two children together.

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