Wack 100 Vows to Vote for Donald Trump Because of This

Some others agree with his point, but some others think otherwise as one of them attacks him by saying, 'Don't take advice from a dude who called himself wack100.'

AceShowbiz - Wack 100 already knows the one he will vote for during the upcoming presidential election, but it's not because he really wants to. The music industry veteran declared on Instagram on Wednesday, July 1 that he would vote for Donald Trump because he doesn't think Joe Biden will make a good president.

Taking to the photo-sharing site, Wack shared some photos of news articles about Biden. One of the headlines read, "1977: Biden Said Integrating Black Students Would Turn Schools Into 'A Jungleā€¦ A Racial Jungle.' " He wrote along with the photos, "F**K BIDEN - SWIPE LEFT - He playing the Game - at least We Know What We're Going to Get Out of Crazy A** Trump."

This prompted one follower to question whether Wack would vote for Trump in the presidential election, to which he responded, "I'm Voting Trump we survived the first term we can survive the next. We know his moves Biden ain't no telling wtf he has in store." He continued, "MY VOTE IS TRUMP-- You do wtf you do that's your business. All that other s**t is what it is."

Not stopping there, he added, "Won't you write a post about YOUR BULLS**T we all have a closet. Meaning me you Trump don't matter all have shit the next won't approve of." He concluded his reply by urging others to vote for the current POTUS too.

Some people got her point, but some others attacked him for his choice. "Don't take advice from a dude who called himself wack100," one said. "But are we really surviving sir? I can't count on my hands how many black people have been kilked (sic) this year without any justice," someone argued, while another commented, "So how much did trump pay wack 100 to convince us that it's not worth voting trump out."

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