People Convinced Will Smith and Duane Martin Had an Affair Due to Tisha Campbell’s Post

The post that is garnering people's attention finds the 51-year-old actress pointing out that 'the truth always comes out in the end' no matter how many times someone lies.

AceShowbiz - It looks like Jada Pinkett Smith was not the only one who was in a relationship with another person during her marriage with Will Smith. Speculations have arisen that Will Smith was also having an affair after Tisha Campbell took to Instagram on Wednesday, July 1 to share some wise words with her followers.

In her post, Tisha pointed out that "the truth always comes out in the end" no matter how many times someone lies. This prompted one of her devotees to reply, "Thank you even though they lie in the end." In response to this person, Tisha said, "And you're right! They WILL lie till the end. The real Kiki is… people will stop believing them."

The fact that Tisha typed "will" in all caps made people suspect that she was subbing Will and Jada in her post, with many of them jumping to conclusions that Will had an affair with Tisha's ex husband, Duane Martin, who is also the "Gemini Man" actor's best friend.

"Will and Duane Martin had a relationship to ...them lies and shit Will catch up to you in the end tho... nothing stays in the dark…," one said, as another responded, "Will stole that lady man." Someone else echoed, "they won't say because they're professionals but I'm toxic and the rumors are that will and Duane were lovers for years and this looks like a confirmation of those rumors."

An individual quipped, "You know that famous quote.... 'Where there's a WILL, there's Duane.' " There was also someone who wrote, "This about her ex husband and will?? Chile 2020 has been one for the books."

As her post garnered more attention, Tisha returned to her account to make it clear that she didn't shade Will. "I don't do subtweets. I don't do messy. It’s not your girl, sorry. Don't be pulling me into no mess," so she said in a video.

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