Matt Bomer Would Love to Direct 'American Horror Story' Spin-Off

The 'White Collar' alum would be happy to return for the next 'American Horror Story' and is especially keen to step behind the lens for the newly-announced spin-off project.

AceShowbiz - Actor Matt Bomer is keen to step behind the camera to direct an episode of the forthcoming "American Horror Story" spin-off series.

The coronavirus crisis has forced showrunner Ryan Murphy to alter his plans for the show's 10th season, instead announcing "American Horror Stories" - an anthology series that features a new tale in each episode, as opposed to the show's usual season-long narrative.

Speaking during a new interview with Digital Spy, Matt, who appeared in both the "Freak Show" and "Hotel" series, confessed he'd "love" to return to the show, calling Murphy "the architect of my career."

"When he calls, I'm there," he laughed. "He'll know better than anybody if there's a role that's right for me on American Horror Story or not."

However, if an onscreen part isn't in the cards, Bomer would love to get behind the camera, teasing, "What I would love to do is to direct one of the American Horror Story one-offs that they're talking about doing."

"That would be really, really fun," the actor added. "You'd get to work with that cast, and tell that story as a director. I'm such a fan of the show, and of that genre, so I think it would be really fun to do."

A release date for the new series, which will air on FX on Hulu - a section on the streaming service - has yet to be announced.

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