Bekah Martinez Shares Moment of Her Breastfeeding Daughter and Newborn Son at Same Time

'The Bachelor' alum gave birth to her second child with boyfriend Grayston Leonard at home on June 19, sixteen months after the pair welcomed their first daughter Ruth.

AceShowbiz - Bekah Martinez is giving an honest look into her motherhood experience. Just one day after giving birth to her second child with boyfriend Grayston Leonard, the season 22 contestant on "The Bachelor" shared with her social media followers a moment of her pulling double breastfeeding duty for both of her kids.

On Saturday, June 20, the 25-year-old reality star turned to Instagram Story to offer a video that captured the moment she nursed both her 16-month-old daughter, Ruth, and her 1-day-old son at the same time. "In case you were wondering how breastfeeding is going…," she wrote over the video, adding three laughing-and-crying emojis.

Bekah Martinez's IG Story

Bekah Martinez pulled double breastfeeding duty for both children at the same time.

In the video itself, Martinez was breastfeeding her newborn when her toddler daughter look at the camera and said, "Dada." The Bachelor nation alum proceeded told her little girl, "Dada's at work." The toddler then could be seen going for her boob to suckle.

Back in November 2019, Martinez answered question about how long she was planning to breastfeed her daughter. In an Instagram Story post, she wrote, "As long as I can and both of us want to. There's nothing f**king weird about a 2-year-old still nursing. It's bonding time, soothing time and boosts the immune system. it's only weird if you've still got it in your head that breasts are inherently sexual, even between mother and child and if that's the case, who's the weird one?"

Martinez announced that she and her boyfriend Leonard were expecting baby No. 2 just nine month after welcoming Ruth in February 2019. Recalling her reaction to her surprise pregnancy, she spilled in an episode of her "Chatty Broads" podcast with Jess Ambrose, "My body was almost convulsing. I was shaking so hard. I was in utter shock and disbelief."

On Friday, June 19, the California native gave birth to the baby boy. Announcing the arrival, she shared a series of the home birth photos on Instagram along with a message that read, "He's. HERE. Born blissfully in our living room at 2:52am, June 19th. 7lbs, 8oz. No name yet; suggestions welcome :) Birth story coming soon."

Two days later, Martinez gave a shoutout to her boyfriend and her father in celebration of Father's Day. Along with photos of the two men in her life, she wrote, "I don't know how I got so lucky. Gray - there's quite literally no one I'd rather raise babies with. Dad - you set the bar pretty high. Love you both more than words can describe."

Martinez started dating Leonard in early 2018 after vying for Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s heart on the dating show.

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