NBA YoungBoy's Baby Mother 'Still Hurting' Following YaYa Mayweather Stabbing

In a new Instagram post, Lapattra Jacobs reveals that the injuries on her arm are not getting better, claiming that 'ALL I SEE IS DARK DAYS DARK CLOUD NOW!'

AceShowbiz - It's been a while after YaYa Mayweather (Iyanna Mayweather) stabbed YoungBoy Never Broke Again's (NBA YoungBoy) baby mama Lapattra Jacobs. In a new Instagram post, Lapattra reveals that the injuries on her arm are not getting better. In fact, it seems like it's getting worse.

"At this point I'm still hurting , I don't think nobody can ever change it or make me feel happy again," she wrote Monday, June 15. "nobody knows what I went through these past Four months & continuing going through it , starting from the middle of March & so on."

"APRIL 3, 2020 I could've been dead & gone but I know what I can say is I THANK GOD FOR ANOTHER CHANCE TOO [sic] BE HERE ON THIS EARTH , I lost a lot , but they steady criticizing me about what I been through & BECAUSE I WONT SAY ANYTHING OR TELL MY BUSINESS. they tell you be yourself then make you feel bad about it , I can't help how I feel about myself & who I let in my life , y'all don't know nothing but what yall see on the internet," she continued.

Lapattra the revealed that she's been experiencing bullying following the incident. "Since APRIL 3, I been getting call all kinds of names because I'm not the person y'all want me to be. I have some on my side, some not, & some just on my side to get in my business," she wrote in the post. "They keep telling me be strong but this a situation that's going to always have me weak. Then my arm and hand still f**k up no telling when it will get back to normal. EVERY DOCTORS VISIT ITS ALWAYS BADS NEWS like I can't get enough this is so stressful, depressing, etc. ALL I SEE IS DARK DAYS DARK CLOUD NOW! NOT GOING TO SAY MUCH BUT ITS BEEN ROUGH."

YaYa was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. In the filing, Harris County District Attorney alleges Yaya "unlawfully, intentionally and knowingly caused bodily injury to LaPattra cutting (her) with a knife, and (she) used and exhibited a deadly weapon, namely a knife." She was later released after posting a $30,000 bond.

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