David Oyelowo Admits Struggle in Explaining Death of George Floyd to Youngest Son

Though finding it hard to answer his son's question on why police officers would kill a black man, the 'Selma' actor is determined to make his boys become educated and polite young men.

AceShowbiz - "Selma" star David Oyelowo has been struggling to explain racism and police brutality to his kids following the death of George Floyd.

The British actor admits his youngest son, Caleb, has not been handling the aftermath of the tragedy well and can't understand why police officers would kill a black man.

"To go into my son's room when he is heaving sobs and not have the answers because the question posed by the death of George Floyd, historically speaking, we have not received the answer, which is justice, almost ever," he tells Access Daily.

But the tragedy of Floyd's death at the hands of Minnesota cops and the Black Lives Matter protests that it sparked have hammered home the need for the actor to make sure his two sons are always well behaved, educated and polite young men.

"I am so focused on making sure my sons are exemplary...," Oyelowo adds. "They are solution bringers rather than those who perpetuate narratives that must be expunged, both as black men and men, period."

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