David Oyelowo's Wife Struggled at First Christmas Dinner with His Nigerian Family
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The 'Selma' actor opens up in a British TV interview how his wife Jessica struggled at her first Christmas celebration with his family back in his home country.

AceShowbiz - David Oyelowo's wife Jessica struggled through Christmas dinner when celebrating with his family in Nigeria - as she's not a fan of spicy food.

The British star's parents moved to the U.K. from the African nation before he was born, but he has taken Jessica back to Nigeria to spend the holiday season with his family in the past.

However, according to David, she wasn't quite prepared for a festive meal that was quite different to the roast turkey Brits traditionally enjoy on Christmas Day.

"A Nigerian Christmas tends to be more jollof rice and fried plantain but everything is just drenched in spices and pepper," the "Selma" star tells U.K. chat show host Jonathan Ross.

"In a bid to impress my parents, my wife Jessica came over and I know she can't do spice but she was so keen to impress my mum she went for it. I have never seen someone sweat so much and go as red and yet keep going."

David, who lives with Jessica in Los Angeles, revealed that she won't feel the heat this year, however, as both are planning to spend Christmas in the U.K.

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