The 'Frozen' actress says she felt 'exploited' when she discovered her face, without her consent, was attached to another woman's body in pornographic videos.

AceShowbiz - Kristen Bell was left "shocked" to discover her face was being used in pornographic videos on the Internet.

The 39-year-old was stunned when her husband Dax Shepard told her that she was being used in "deepfakes" - a word used by the online community to describe when someone's face is attached to another woman's body for the purposes of a porn video.

"I was just shocked because this is my face," she told Vox. "Belongs to me! ... It's hard to think about, that I'm being exploited. We're having this gigantic conversation about consent and I don't consent - so that's why it's not okay."

And despite the fact that some of the videos come with a disclaimer stating that the image in the clip isn't actually the "Frozen" star, that doesn't make it any easier to accept for Kristen.

"Even if it's labeled as, 'This is not actually her,' it's hard to think about that. I wish that the Internet were a little bit more responsible and a little bit kinder," she sighed.

Kristen added that she feels "a responsibility" to speak out about the issue, which she has a "sneaky suspicion" many of her peers wouldn't want to talk about.

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