When speaking to Nick Cannon about the Black Lives Matter movement, the 'Whatever You Like' hitmaker shares his two cents on the conflicting views among the black community.

AceShowbiz - T.I. is giving up all hope on conservative thinker Candace Owens. When discussing about the importance of having intelligent discussion amid the Black Lives Matter movement with Nick Cannon, the "Whatever You Like" hitmaker could not help but accuse the political activist of forgetting that she is black.

On Wednesday, June 10, Tip made an appearance on Cannon's Power 106 radio show to talk about the importance of setting aside differences to ensure the success of their ongoing fight against racial injustice, and reminded other about the dangers of cancel culture. He, however, was quick to note that the person he would not mind being canceled is Owens.

"Candace Owens. She got to go. She can't come," the 39-year-old rapper declared. Expressing his belief that she was "being used for propaganda," he elaborated his statement by saying, "I think she a paid plant. I think someone paid her to come out here and speak against everything the majority of us are standing for."

"... So white people are always right? You telling me law enforcement is always right? You telling me the United States of America has always been right when it comes to dealing with us? And that's her story. And you can't trust that story because we have facts that tell us otherwise," he continued. "She seems to have forgotten that she's black. She has turned in her black card and crossed over."

Tip spoke out against Owens just days after the conservative attacked George Floyd's character. While many took to the street to demand justice for Floyd's death, Owens let out a video on Twitter in which she declared, "I do not support George Floyd and the media's depiction of him as a martyr for black America."

During his chat with Cannon, Tip has also addressed the "black supremacy" controversy sparked by Terry Crews. "What he's doing is, he's speaking against the community - well, not against. He's trying to instruct the community to not be so harsh as it pertains to dealing with white supremacy. We can't have black supremacy because we don't have the tools to suppress," he explained why the "America's Got Talent" host's fear was baseless.

As for the conflicting views among the black community during this important time, Tip commented, "We don't all have the same views. We don't all have the same opinions of how to move forward on what's gonna get us to our goal. But we all have the same fight. We're all on the same journey." He then reminded, "We can't afford to necessarily lose people. We don't got those kinds of numbers."

Stressing that the black community needs "a rehabilitative approach," the father of six pointed out, "We can have an intelligent discussion. You can either change my mind. I can change your mind. But we still moved forward." He added, "I don't think dropping each other off is the answer all the time."

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