Alleged Leaked Sex Tape of Rihanna Dubbed 'Fake' by Fans

The purported porn video shows a woman who resembles the 'Umbrella' songstress engaging in a sex act with a man, but many believe that it has been edited.

AceShowbiz - An alleged sex tape of Rihanna has reportedly leaked online, but Navy may want to hold themselves back from checking it out. The graphic footage which purportedly features the Barbadian songstress made its way out on Twitter on Wednesday morning, June 10, but many have disputed its authenticity.

The said sex tape reportedly shows a woman who resembles the "Only Girl (In the World)" hitmaker engaging in a sex act with a man. But upon watching it and after some investigation, Twitter users think that it's fake.

It is believed that the video has been edited with an artificial intelligence technology called "deep fakes," which was released last year. It allows people to photoshop celebrity's face onto any person in a video. Shortly after the release of the deep fake technology, people have been using it to create fake sex tapes of celebrities, by photoshopping the celebrities' face onto pornographic movies.

While Rihanna remains mum on the purported leaked sex tape, her fans have come to her defense and called out people who are re-posting the video.

Rihanna, who was usually active on Instagram, has not posted anything since last week, Wednesday, June 3, when she made use of her platform to raise awareness about the importance of voting to bring about the change they want.

Posting the names of states that were having their primary elections that day, she wrote in the caption, "VOTE. Ya ain't got s**t else to do man! Get yo a** off the couch and go vote!!! I don't wanna hear another excuse!! Stop believing that your vote and voice don't matter! This the illest way to for the change you want!!!"

When one person disputed her argument and wrote in the comment section, "Voting ain't gon change s**t," RiRi quickly clapped back at the said user and replied to the comment, "sick of hearing this! Ya know what ain't gon change s**t? Not doing s**t!!!!"

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