Karol G Responds to Backlash for Using Her Multi-Colored Dog in BLM Post

In a now deleted Twitter post, the Colombian singer appears to attempt to raise awareness about Black Lives Matter movement by using her multicolored dog to make a point.

AceShowbiz - Karol G landed in hot water over a post she shared about the Black Lives Matter movement. In a now deleted Twitter post on Monday, June 1, the Colombian singer appeared to attempt to raise awareness about BLM by using her multicolored dog.

Captioning her post, Karol wrote, "El ejemplo perfecto de que el Blanco y Negro JUNTOS se ven hermosos. #BlackLivesMatter." That translated to, "The perfect example that [the color] black and white together look beautiful. #BlackLivesMatter."

While the intention was good, many people didn't think Karol did a good a job in expressing it. They dragged her for her "colorblind" and "tone deaf" post, prompting the singer to share an apology in both English and Spanish over the matter.

"I was wrong and I apologize," she said. "I want to make clear that my intentions were right in the photo I posted earlier. I meant to say that racism is terrible and that I cannot begin to understand it."

"These past few days have been hard and its extremely painful to see it continue to happen. IT NEEDS TO STOP. There is only one race and that is the human race. I recognize that the way I expressed myself was not right," she continued.

Declaring that she stand "with Black Lives Matter," Karol added, "Under no circumstance should ANYONE experience such systematic oppression because of the color of their skin or for belonging to any minority group and I SUPPORT the protestst and actions taken during these times to end police brutality and racism."

Karol G apologized

Karol G posted an apology after backlash over her BLM post.

Concluding her message, Karol admitted that that she's "still learning and taking active steps to help, aid and eveoke change and I continue education myself to understand the experience."

Her post was met with mixed reactions. One of those who were still not satisfied replied, "I'm disappointed in you. Not only did you take DAYS to speak about a life or death subject -- and when you did it was a picture of your dog. Absolutely tf not." Meanwhile, a fan appreciated her honesty, writing, "Thanks for your clarification queen, it was necessary for many people. Those of us who know you know that your intention was never to mock or sound offensive. I love you so much.Growing heart."

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