Lil Nas X Blames His 'Civil War' Joke About George Floyd Protests on Numbness on Police Brutality

Admitting that he doesn't appropriately use his 'platform to speak up more on the situation,' the 'Old Town Road' hitmaker laments police brutality toward black people that seems to have 'become so normalized.'

AceShowbiz - Lil Nas X has apologized after he came under fire over his joke about recent protests that unfold in cities across America in the wake of George Floyd's death. In a tweet that he apparently made in jest, the rapper likened the protests to "civil war."

"What y'all wearing to the civil war," he posted on early Friday, May 29, prompting backlash from other users, who think that his joke wasn't funny and was not appropriate in this situation.

Noticing the comments, Lil Nas took to his Twitter again to apologize for his earlier remark and share his more serious take on the issue. "I am sorry for not using my platform to speak up more on the situation," he wrote.

"I honestly feel as though it has become so normalized that even i myself am numb to police brutality towards black people," the 21-year-old rapper admitted, before sharing his hope, "i hope this time around something changes."

Lil Nas also shared a link to a petition calling for "Justice for George Floyd." He added in the caption, "I won't pretend it isn't happening tho."

However, some people think that Lil Nas should have not apologized for his "civil war" joke, calling out those who were offended by it for overreacting. "Everyone so damn sensitive that was funny," one said. Another defended the "Panini" hitmaker, "He ain't said nun wrong lmfao, I'm wearing all black tho." Agreeing, a third one added, "It was a joke, a funny one too."

George Floyd died on Monday, May 25 after Derek Chauvin, a white Minneapolis police officer, knelt on his neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds during an arrest. He complained that he couldn't breathe, but was ignored. The 46-year-old African-American man was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center, but could not be saved.

Derek and three other officers involved in the arrest were fired after video of the incident went viral. On May 29, Derek was arrested and charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter.

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