Lil Baby and Jayda Cheaves Pack on PDA Amid Split Rumors

The Atlanta rapper sparked split rumors with a eyebrow-raising interview back in February when he claimed, 'I f**k with you, but I can deal with you and not love you.'

AceShowbiz - No, they are not going separate ways. Lil Baby and baby mama Jayda Cheaves successfully put an end to the rumors stating that they're breaking up with a new PDA-packed Instagram post.

In a picture that Jayda shared on Instagram Stories, she was seen locking lips with the "Emotionally Scarred" rapper. Additionally, Baby put one of his hands on Jayda's butt.

In response to the post, some fans were clowning Jayda for still being together with the rapper only for expensive gifts. "Hey Jayda, I see you got your clown outfit on like you always do," a fan wrote in an Instagram comment. "He made up for it with them 5 birkin bags," another fan added.

"Oh wow after all that embarrassment," said one user. Meanwhile, someone else commented, "i'd be with him too after those mother's day gifts."

Baby sparked split rumors with his interview back in February. When asked about his relationship with Jayda, the spitter responded, "I really ain't too deep on love with a female - not right now. If I f**k with you, I f**k with you, but I can deal with you and not love you." In response to the eyebrow-raising remarks, Jayda said, "y'all heard the man clear."

In another interview, the Atlanta star was asked about Alexis Skyy, who was beefing online with Jayda, claiming that they were dating. "I suggest you sit TF down b4 I come around & snatch MY N***A back aga... NVM you'll see," Alexis wrote to Jayda on Twitter.

"It ain't no like, 'still together.' She my son mama, so it ain't no way we cannot be together," he said. "Even if we not in a relationship like boyfriend and girlfriend type s**t, we got a relationship 'cause we got a kid. We got a small kid so we gotta kick it no matter what."

Baby then assured that they had a nice relationship for the sake of their child. "I got real life outside of all that s**t. We got s**t going on," he shared. As to why he tweeted, "You tried it h**, that s**t ain't work" when Alexis made the accusations, Baby revealed that the only reason he decided to chime in was "because she lied on me."

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