Kris Jenner on Sex Life With Corey Gamble: 'There's Really Something Wrong With Me'

Boasting that she's 'always in the mood' despite her age, the 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star gushes that her boyfriend is like 'a walking, Luther Vandross song.'

AceShowbiz - Kris Jenner has a very healthy sex life at 64 years old. The Kardashian-Jenner matriarch got candid about her bedroom activity with her boyfriend Corey Gamble in a bonus scene from "Keeping Up with the Kardashians", joking that something must be wrong "because I'm always in the mood."

Saying that her daughters give her a "hard" time about it, the reality TV star opened up about her sexual desire while talking with her best friend Faye Resnick. "I don't know what's happening, but I think there's really something wrong with me because I'm always in the mood," the mother of six confessed.

"My girls were giving me a hard time because I have a life and I'm a woman with hormones," she went on sharing. "So, the one person that I can always talk to about anything is one of my best friends, Faye. And I know she will not be the one to judge me and she'll be the one to understand."

Faye responded to Kris' confession, "You're such a bad girl, I'm so happy for you," adding that "Corey is the luckiest man in the world" for dating the momager. But the mother of Kim Kardashian gave credit to her 39-year-old boyfriend for keeping her turned on, gushing, "Corey is like a walking talking Luther Vandross song. He is so sexy always and all I want to do is cue the music.... I want to put it on Instagram 'I'm f**king, are you?' "

Kris continues to talk about her sex life in a preview for a new episode of "KUWTK". "Sex at my age is a beautiful thing, and my girls don't understand that I'm actually so lucky to have these feelings," she shares.

And true to what Kris' said, her daughter Khloe Kardashian doesn't seem to be interested to hear about her mother's sex life. "I love our dynamic with our mom and I would not change it for the world...but does my mom overshare? I mean she is talking about her lipstick being smeared, her mojo...," the 35-year-old model said on the show.

Kris and Corey have been dating for almost six years. The two remain strong despite having been hit with split rumors several times.

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