Sofia Vergara Started to Lose Her Sight When She Turned 40

The 'Modern Family' actress launches her own sunglasses after starting to lose sight at the age of 40 and failing to find spectacles that didn't make her look like a 'grandma.'

AceShowbiz - Sofia Vergara has unveiled a sleek new eyewear line in an effort to update her "grandma"-looking frames.

The "Modern Family" actress and new "America's Got Talent" judge has joined forces with creatives at Foster Grant to create a collection of reading and sunglasses and told designers she was sick of feeling "old" whenever she put spectacles on.

"When I turned 40, 41, 42, I started losing my sight," Sofia tells People. "It's the normal thing that happens at that age. I refused to wear glasses because I felt old. I was like, 'No, I'm going to hold it. I don't need them. I don't need them.' "

Vergara admits she's much happier with the glasses she has helped to create, adding, "We're going to have to use them no matter what at this age, so at least use something that makes you look cute, not like you're the little grandma." "Those little ones at the top of your nose make you look like a granny if you're reading or something. And I hate that. I prefer the ones that are bold and already a statement, not tiny little things that sit on your nose."

"Now that I am home reading so much more, I know how important they are to so many of us. I also know a woman wants to feel good when wearing them, wherever she is. I wanted to offer fashionable, chic, fresh eyewear styles, allowing women to not just to see, but to see beautifully."

Proceeds from sales will benefit Foster Grant's RestoringVision charity. The Sofia Vergara x Foster Grant line is now available for purchase online.

Sofia isn't the only star launching a new eyewear line this week - Lizzo is headlining the Confidence is Quay campaign, promoting a series of sassy new sunglasses for the Australian brand.

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