6ix9ine Says Snoop Dogg Is Threatening Him Amid Instagram Feud

The 'Gooba' rapper and the 'What's My Name?' hitmaker have been involved in an online back and forth after the former accuses the latter of snitching and cheating on his wife.

AceShowbiz - 6ix9ine is quickly making new foes after he's released from prison and one of them is Snoop Dogg. The New York City rapper has got on the nerves of the veteran hip-hop artist after he accused Snoop of snitching and cheating on his wife Shante Taylor.

Not staying quiet, the Long Beach artist has fired back at the 24-year-old star for airing his alleged secrets on Instagram. "Say b***h boy u gone learn. Hard head make a soft a**," he wrote to 6ix9ine via direct message. He added, "o I forgot upi Already soft Lil b***h," before sending a couple of rat emojis.

That didn't stop 6ix9ine from trolling Snoop, though. Sharing a screenshot of the text messages from his fellow rapper, the "FEFE" hitmaker accused Snoop of threatening him and asked his followers to report the "Gin & Juice" spitter to police. "Can someone tell the police snoop dogg is threatening me," he wrote in the caption of the now-deleted post, adding, "he mad."

6ix9ine began taunting Snoop on Friday with a video of him watching an old interview of Suge Knight in which he claimed that Snoop was a police informant. He also commented below a screenshot of his Instagram Story in which he asked his fans if he should reveal which rappers who have snitched, "@snoopdogg hey sir let's chat."

This prompted a response from Snoop who wrote back to 6ix9ine, "Last time you said something, I didn't have time. But, today, I got time. You better get the f**k off my line, n***a. Rat boy. You really better leave me alone. I ain't the one." He added, "You funky, dog head, rainbow hair, dog head b***h."

6ix9ine then brought up Snoop's alleged affair. "For 2 years while I was in jail PEOPLE STARTED WITH ME trying to end my career and it didn't work now they say LEAVE ME ALONE this the world we live in GO APOLOGIZE TO YA WIFE @bosslady_ent," he wrote to Snoop on Sunday. Along with it, he shared a video of Snoop on FaceTime with a woman and appearing to arrange a meeting.

6ix9ine removed the video after people slammed him for taking it too far, but Snoop has definitely caught wind of it. Not happy with it, the Long Beach native ranted on social media, "They gotta stop pushing this [rat emoji] all these media outlets making snitching cool I'm old school f**k 69 and everybody pushing his line right now all New York. Gz. Feel me on this and if u don't f**** u2. @meekmill If u allow sucka s**t then u a sucka. Love u cuz stay sucka free."

His feud with Snoop aside, 6ix9ine has also used his Instagram account to promote his new song. "I'm staying off Instagram till Friday," he announced on Sunday, saying that he will drop a "new music video Friday, May 22 3:00 EST."

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