Kristen Bell Finds Dax Shepard's Involvement in Homeschooling Daughters 'Heartwarming'

Though she has fallen much deeper in love with her husband because of his help, the 'Frozen' actress admits there were days they took a little break from each other.

AceShowbiz - Kristen Bell has fallen "deeper in love" with her husband Dax Shepard after watching him homeschool their daughters.

The "Frozen (2013)" star admits she has been struggling to stay on top of educating Delta, five, and Lincoln, seven, during the coronavirus lockdown, but her husband has been a huge help.

"He has been tapping me out when I get frustrated," she tells People. "It's been very heartwarming for me to see that he's still very plugged in."

"He's made me feel like I'm not doing it by myself, which has made me fall much deeper in love with him. Because I think I'd pull my hair out if I thought it was all up to me."

But Bell still needs to take a break from married life every now and again. "(During the) period where we were annoying each other, it wasn't a bad idea to steer clear of each other for a couple days, which, normally, I don't recommend," she adds, "but since you're caught in a house with someone, taking a breather wasn't bad for us. We didn't talk for two days."

"We were sort of avoiding each other for two days to take a little break to calm down and not think the other person was the most annoying person on the planet."

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