Stanley Tucci Reveals How He and Co-Stars Unwind After Long Day on Set

The 'Hunger Games' actor reveals he always takes a portable cocktail set with him to the movie set for celebration at the end of every long day of work.

AceShowbiz - Stanley Tucci takes a portable cocktail set with him wherever he goes to ensure there are always martinis on hand for him and his co-stars.

During the coronavirus lockdown, the "Spotlight" star has been sharing his cocktail making skills online, which have proved popular with fans, including actor Chris Evans.

Speaking on Friday's May 8, 2020 instalment of Britain's "The Graham Norton Show", Stanley quipped, "I only do it when I'm just not too drunk to work my phone!"

He went on to reveal he's pretty well trained when it comes to shaking up a special drink as he keeps his co-stars topped up with martinis at the end of a long day on set.

"When I am filming, I always take a portable cocktail set with me and at the end of the day I make martinis for anyone that would like to join me - it's nice and civilised," he remarked.

The American star, who lives in England with wife Felicity Blunt, the older sister of actress Emily, is doing his bit for those battling the COVID-19 crisis by contributing to the new book, "Dear NHS: 100 Stories to Say Thank You".

Admitting he still can't believe U.K. citizens get free healthcare, he explained, "Being an American in England I still really can't get used to the fact that you can get hurt or sick and walk into a place where a doctor will deal with it and you leave."

"It just doesn't happen in America - in fact, the opposite happens in America."

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