Twitter Goes Wild Over Steve Harvey and Megan Thee Stallion Mash-Up Video

The video, which is originally from Meg's old performance of her hit 'Big Ole Freak', features the face of the 63-year-old TV host being edited onto the body of the raptress.

AceShowbiz - Coronavirus self-quarantine leads people to do things that many would never imagine before. An Internet user, who apparently has too much time in his/her hands, drives others crazy after uploading a hilarious edited video involving Steve Harvey and Megan Thee Stallion.

The video featured the face of the 63-year-old TV host being edited onto the body of the raptress. The original clip was from Meg's performance of her hit "Big Ole Freak" on NPR's Tiny Desk series, which was released back in December.

"Ahhh yes...the quarantine. Now we have some extra time to do things we love such as read books, but Meg @theestallion read a little too much of 'Think Like a Man' by @iamsteveharveytv," the uploader, who goes by the name mystergiraffe, wrote on Instagram. "Uncle Steve is still a freak though."

Upon watching the hilarious video, people in Twitterverse quickly shared their reactions. "Someone used their amazing skills to put Steve Harvey's head on Meg the Stallion rapping and that’s why I love the Internet.," one wrote. Another user added, "Who edited Steve Harvey's face into Megan Thee Stallion body, please come forward and get your life imprisonment with hard labour."

"i watched the whole thing & still don't know what the hell i just watched," someone else quipped. Another comment read, "I really wanna know how someone executed putting Steve Harvey's Face on Megan's body like that. With every reaction on point lmfao." The video was pretty much addictive as a user confessed that s/he had "watched Steve 'Thee Stallion' Harvey no less than 50 times."

It appeared that mystergiraffe was also the mastermind of another viral face-swapped video that featured Will Smith's face being edited onto Cardi B's body. Will loved it to the point he shared it on his Instagram account.

"Y'all are doin' Too Much!! Hahaha... This is SO GOOD," so the "Suicide Squad" star captioned the funny video. The husband of Jada Pinkett Smith later revealed that he wanted to know who was responsible for it, saying, "Anybody know who did this??"

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