Rapper Kamaiyah Confirms She and Kehlani Fall Out, People Convinced It's Because of YG

As people continue to ask about her friendship with the 'Good Life' singer during an Instagram Live, the raptress makes it clear that she doesn't 'f**k with her at all.'

AceShowbiz - Rapper Kamaiyah and Kehlani are no longer friends. The two musicians have been buddies for a long time, but just recently, Kamaiyah confirmed during an Instagram Live session that she and the "Good Life" singer have fallen out.

During the session, Kamaiyah was asked about her hometown Oakland and fellow celebrity friends who are also from the city. In response, she said that she and Keyshia Cole are the only stars who are natives of Oakland even though Kehlani is also from the city. Kamaiyah added that both her and Keyshia are the only ones who can actually back up the blocks they are from.

This naturally got people pressuring her with questions related to the "Gangsta" singer. Not having any of it, Kamaiyah made it clear, "It's been up for a while now you all been asking me questions. I don't f**k with her at all, she knows why. That's that." The rap star didn't explain further what happened between her and Kehlani, but some have since speculated that it had something to do with Kehlani's latest ex-boyfriend YG.

For your information, Kamaiyah previously signed to YG's label. It has been widely speculated that the two had a dispute before she left for good. Now, people are assuming that Kehlani sided with the "Go Loko" rapper instead of her friend, and that's what made Kamaiyah upset. However, this speculation has yet to be confirmed.

Kehlani and YG were romantically linked in 2019 after she gave birth to her first child, but their relationship soon got rocky the moment YG was caught appearing to kiss a girl on the street. He soon issued an apology on social media, but it didn't seem to be working. Last February, Kehlani confirmed that she's single, adding, "S**t happens. Life really happens. U jus gotta stay pure and move with love and thank God you are one of the ones that do."

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