Kamaiyah Swears She Never Sent Death Threats to Kehlani

'There was never any death threats and that's the one thing that I definitely want to clear up,' the 'Pressure' raptress, who is beefing with the singer, says in a new interview.

AceShowbiz - Kamaiyah has set the record straight. The Bay Area artist addressed many things in her new internew with The Source, including her fallout with R&B singer Kehlani and the death threats allegations that was leveled at the rapper.

"There was never any death threats and that's the one thing that I definitely want to clear up," the "Pressure" raptress said in the Wednesday, July 8 interview, referring to rumors that she threatened to kill Kehlani. "I don't do Internet or social media. Even when I address it, I addressed it one time and whatever people said about me after that, that was their own opinions. Like I know these people in real life, but I had never in my life threatened that girl's life."

In the interview, Kamaiyah did admit she threatened "to whoop her a**. I'm not going to take back from that. And that's what I apologize for," but she didn't threaten to shoot her. "She said I said I was going to shoot up her house, which has never occurred. That's on my dead brother, my brother died four years ago from cancer," she insisted.

"I would never in my life threaten to shoot up an R&B singer's house. My n***a, I am from the streets. So like, do you honestly think that it’s that serious for me to shoot up an R&B singer's house and jeopardize my lifestyle and what I built on my career, is it really that serious?" Kamaiyah addded. No, it was never that serious, but you know, that’s the narrative of the people went with because they're manipulative. They like to play the victim."

Kamaiyah and Kehlani's beef was said to be stemming from their "All Me" collaboration, which featured Keyshia Cole. After Kehlani accused Kamaiyah of threatening her life in now-deleted tweets, Kamaiyah explained on Instagram Live, "I was okay with not ever putting any of this out. She [Kehlani] decides that she's gonna put out the record and she takes me off, and leaves Keyshia."

Claiming that Kehlani was a colorist, Kamaiyah continued, "The problem was, I feel like it should've never came out and that's where our beef stems from. It was our song, we did a project together...so all of this and that I'm 'upset' and I'm 'trying to use her.' What did I use you for? If anything I was genuine, I loved you, if anything I still considered you a sister. My problem came from the disrespect..it was on some, 'Oh you're black, your ghetto, you're not tasteful.' "

Kehlani quickly denied the colorism claims, writing in a now-deleted tweet, "Please do not take this bold a** lie and [f***king] run with it. Ya'll KNOW this don't even SOUND RIGHT and this could really hurt my fans…hurt my daughter, hurt my family members."

"Come on now. This is where I draw the line. I’m just disheartened as hell [because] it really IS always some drama [with] me. I don't know what I attract or what I be doing. I respond to a hit on my head with love and I got slandered further. All I do is make music and take care of my family. I got the same friends I always had," she added.

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