Dua Lipa: Female Pop Stars Have to Work Harder for Their Vision to Be Taken Seriously

When speaking about her struggle in the beginning of her career, the 'Don't Start Now' hitmaker additionally opens up about why she often pens uplifting lyrics in her songs.

AceShowbiz - Dua Lipa struggled to be taken seriously as a female artist starting out in the music industry.

The British pop star has quickly become one of the biggest names in music thanks to hits including "New Rules", "Don't Start Now" and "Physical", but speaking on the Rolling Stone Music Now podcast (https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/dua-lipa-future-nostalgia-podcast-990562/), the singer admitted achieving her star status wasn't easy.

"Artists in pop, especially women, have to work harder to be taken seriously," she said. "You have to work a lot harder for people to really believe that these are your lyrics, that this is your vision."

Dua went on to share that she often pens uplifting lyrics to help her feel more empowered, citing the line "I know you ain't used to a female alpha" from the title track to her second album "Future Nostalgia" as an example.

"When I put lyrics like that into my record, and I perform them, I do feel more empowered and stronger, and yeah, I'm like, 'I am a female alpha,' " she mused. "But it's also recognition that we are built on the backs of giants. There have been strong, influential women since I was very little in the music industry: Pink, Alicia Keys, Nelly Furtado, Madonna, Janet Jackson."

The star, 24, went on to insist she loves all of her songs - because she knows they give her fans so much joy.

"People go, 'Are you bored of singing the same song over and over again?' I'm not, because it's not really about me in that instance - it's about the listeners," she smiled.

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