London On Da Track Attempts to Take Son Away From Unstable Baby Mama

The music producer is suing his ex Erica Vorters for full custody of their 3-year-old son, claiming that she's possibly abusing drugs and has behaved erratically.

AceShowbiz - London On Da Track is taking his baby mama to court in a bid to get permanent full custody of his toddler son, London. The music producer claims he has to protect his son, who will be turning four years old this year, from his "unhinged and possibly drug-abusing" ex Erica Vorters.

In legal papers obtained by Bossip, London alleges that Erica is mentally and financially unstable. He claims that she was possibly abusing drugs, has behaved erratically in person and made worrying posts online.

Arguing that Erica is not "psychologically, physically or financially capable" of being a primary caregiver for their son, London asks for a psych evaluation for Erica and a special guardian to advocate for the child in court. Noting that he makes $25,000 a month, he tries to make his case that he is financially capable and is mentally more stable to raise the son.

Erica has responded to London's lawsuit. In her countersuit filed in March, she says that London once threatened to cut off medical care for the child, who suffers from an unnamed medical condition, when she and the child went to visit London's mother in Arizona and stayed with her for two months. Erica says that only if she left the boy with his grandmother, the Atlanta rapper/songwriter would continue to support the child's medical expense.

Erica says "out of fear and a lack of proper legal advice," she felt she had no choice but to leave the boy with his paternal grandmother, but has been blocked from getting the boy back or having consistent access to him. She additionally states in the court docs that London isn't consistently involved in the boy's life or medical care.

Erica also accuses London of being way behind on his $1,100 a month child support, which is totaling more than $20,000. She admits that she has been seeing a psychiatrist, but she says that her mental health troubles were triggered by the stress of London's lawsuit against her. She claims that her mental health issues has no bearing on her ability to take care of the child.

London has been granted temporary custody of the boy as both sides are due back in court next month. Erica has asked the court to toss London's lawsuit, but he asks the judge to deny her motion.

London and Erica had in the past been involved in a drama regarding the custody of their child. Earlier this year, she posted on her Instagram Stories that she had not been able to see her son since Christmas. "These people blocked me from seeing my child who I have joint custody of," she wrote.

She added, "I'd never withhold my son from having a relationship with his father. He doesn't have custody rights to make decisions...he's just rich and refuses to follow the joint custody order. [...] That's wrong. Bring me my baby, I know he misses his mom."

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