Fetty Wap's Estranged Wife Claims She's Harassed After Filing for Divorce

Leandra K. Gonzalez is taking to Instagram Stories to blast haters who have been picking on her despite she being cheated on by the 'My Way' rapper with multiple women.

AceShowbiz - Fetty Wap's estranged wife Leandra K. Gonzalez has unloaded her feelings on Instagram after being quiet for a while about her split from the rap star. Taking to her Instagram Stories, she clapped back at haters who have apparently been harassing her on social media after she filed for divorce from the "Trap Queen" hitmaker.

In one of her Stories posted on Wednesday, April 22, Leandra claimed that Fetty cheated on her with multiple women, including one girl whom she knows "personally." But instead of feeling sorry for her, she said the Internet trolls "wanna f**king harrass me for 6months ! Like yooooo I hvnt said much so let's keep it that f**king way!!"

Leandra, who tied the knot with Fetty in a private ceremony in September 2019, claimed that she has been living a quiet life and enjoying her time with her family, until she looked up to a " 'fake page' sending some fb bs." She added, "like yo. Whooo cares."

Despite her declaration of acting cool in facing the hatred, Leandra couldn't remain silent and sent another message to the haters. "So f**king draining when im an entire adult. With a child. And real adult responsibilities. Like ok. When does it stop?!" she wrote in another post. "What happens when the s**t finalize yall gon still be w the bs?!!! seriously. I could care less bout none of that. Save yall dms yall messages all that. Good luck to everyone involved."

Leandra officially filed for divorce from Fetty in March, citing adultery as the reason of the separation. She, however, had hinted at divorce since their first week of marriage. Sources said at the time that things between Leandra and Fetty were great for just a little while, until he started having an affair. Words were one of his side chicks has even got pregnant with his child. Leandra has allegedly also suffered physical, emotional and mental abuse from the 28-year-old artist.

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