Camila Cabello Films Her Mom Giving Her Hair Makeover Disaster

The 'Havana' hitmaker appears to need to trim her bangs, but due to Coronavirus lockdown, she's forced to resort to her mom Sinuhe Estrabao Cabello's help for a haircut.

AceShowbiz - Camila Cabello has gone through a hair makeover drama with her mother during the coronavirus lockdown. On Monday, April 20, the "Havana" hitmaker shared a video of her mother Sinuhe Estrabao Cabello giving her a haircut that seemed to nearly end up in a disaster.

Taking to her Instagram Story handle, the 23-year-old posted the clip that saw her fresh out of the shower wearing only white towel as her mother combed her wet hair. "Alright guys, so this is what it's come to. The bangs are too long. Can't go outside. I'm going to have to trust this woman," she said in the introduction.

"That's her with my bangs cause I can't trust myself," the girlfriend of Shawn Mendes continued as she turned the camera for a while to show a glimpse of her mother. "They'll look like mountains. Cause that's what I used to do in seventh grade, I'd cut my own bangs them and they'd look like mountains."

"So I've been seeing a lot of posts warning people not to do this," the "Senorita" songstress went on sharing her thought on the at-home haircut attempt. "Let's see how it turns out. Right now I looks like Snape," she added as she referred to a fictional character from the "Harry Potter" franchise.

Halfway through the haircut, the former Fifth Harmony member offered fans a look at her mother's handicraft. Claiming that her hair did not look "great," she jokingly stated, "She already f**ked it up." In response, Sinuhe exclaimed in the background, "You didn't tell me!"

Refusing to let her mother get away easily, Camila continued on with her sassy comment. "My bangs are not like this…short, longer, longer, short, longer…and she just horizontal lined that s**t," she cheekily described. "So we'll see how I look. If I look like f**king Snape..."

Despite her initial doubt, Camila admitted the final cut "actually ended up looking not that bad." She additionally promised, "Um, I'll show you guys when it dries up." Still, she gave her fans a warning to not do "this at home" as she spilled that her mother has also given her "a pedicure this morning…made my foot bleed." Admitting her fault, Sinuhe said while laughing, "Yes, that's me."

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