Rob Kardashian Responds to Blac Chyna's Claims About Flirtatious Gun-Point Incident

The 'Rob and Chyna' alum and her legal team refute the claims of her being intoxicated during a big fight, insisting that she never hit he youngest Kardashian sibling.

AceShowbiz - Blac Chyna appears to down play the allegations that she pointed a gun at her ex-fiance Rob Kardashian during a big fight back in 2016. Blac and her legal team recently refuted the claims, insisting that she never hit the youngest Kardashian sibling.

The video vixen went on accusing her baby daddy of making up the story. She also revealed that she had some "bombshell evidence" from the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services that would back her up in court.

According to court documents, the DCFS reported that Rob admitted to never being hit by Blac. Additionally, he allegedly said there has never been domestic violence between them. As for the claimed that she pointed a gun at him, Blac's legal team said it was done in a flirty way.

Rob's representation quickly fired back. "Blac Chyna's physical attack on Rob Kardashian was witnessed by multiple individuals, each of whom submitted sworn declarations in support of Rob," Rob's attorney Marty Singer told Page Six.

"Chyna does not make any effort to refute these witnesses' statements, because it is impossible. Chyna and her attorney know that these witnesses confirm that she brutally physically attacked Rob, pointed a gun at his head and threatened to kill him. Witnesses also confirm that Rob suffered bruising, abrasions and scratches," he continued.

Prior to this, Rob accused Blac of being intoxicated before attacking him with a 6-ft metal pole during their big fights back in December 2016. "Chyna's erratic conduct under the influence of alcohol and drugs culminated in her physically assaulting and battering Rob and causing significant property damage," the court documents read, noting that she "consumed large amounts of Moet Rose champagne (her drink of choice) and snorted cocaine."

The 33-year-old went on revealing that he "feared for his life" when she pointed a gun at him. "Chyna pointed a gun at Rob's head and threatened to kill him" while he was on a FaceTime call. Blac allegedly "came up behind Rob wrapped an iPhone charger tightly around his neck and started to strangle him using her full strength."

"As a result of the attack, Rob suffered scratches, abrasions and bruising as well as emotional distress," read the documents. Additionally, Rob "did not know whether the gun was loaded when she twice pointed it at his head and threatened to kill him, and that he believed that Chyna could kill him."

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