Bhad Bhabie Accuses Lil' Kim of Getting Plastic Surgery to Look Like White People

Making sure to let people know that she doesn't mean to disrespect the veteran rapper, Bhabie then says of Kim, 'The girl got herself a nose job to have a small nose like white people.'

AceShowbiz - Danielle Bregoli, who is best known as Bhad Bhabie, truly doesn't hold back her tongue and will always speak her mind no matter whether or not it's controversial. This time around, the hip-hop star is attacking veteran rapper Lil' Kim as she thinks that the latter is trying to look like white people.

During an Instagram Live session, Bhabie first made sure to let people know that she didn't mean to disrespect Kim and stressed that she's actually a fan. Later on, the young girl claims that the "Crush on You" rapper "wears foundation that's too light for her face." She continued, "The girl got herself a nose job to have a small nose like white people. She turned herself into an--like I said, no disrespect. I don't get no problem with what she doing, she doing to make her happy. That's all her."

However, Bhabie stressed once again, "But again, she literally got a surgery to look like a white person. She wearin f***ing white light makeup that… and I don't say a goddamn word about her."

Kim hasn't responded to Bhabie, though some people have come to her defense. "And honestly Kimberly isnt my fav person either. But the fact that shes saying she did that because she wanted a smaller nose to look white is just gross. I may have said some not so nice things before about her but I've never denied why shes gotten work done," one said. "this is so insensitive i get kinda uncomfortable every time i see people mention the lil kim looks and sht after i found out why she did it," another wrote.

One other commented, "She not even 18 thinking she can speak on anyone. Not cool. She has no respect for a mature adult with actual merits and a real career," while there was someone who weighed in, "The fact that this girl said Kim went and got a nose job to look white is beyond racist knowing she did it after having multiple broken noses in abusive relationships. Sad that the black community bash our own kind and praise the white devils."

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