Young Chop Involved in Gun Shooting Allegedly With 21 Savage Thugs

The tension between Young Chop and 21 Savage started after the former threw shade at him on Instagram Live, prompting the 'Bank Account' rapper to accuse him of being a 'clout' chaser.

AceShowbiz - It seems like Young Chop has faced the repercussions for his disses against fellow rappers including 21 Savage, Meek Mill and Jay-Z. However, he's been especially hard against 21 and the Atlanta rapper's goons allegedly came to Chop's house to give some warning.

On Saturday night, April 4, a group of men pulled up to the Chicago rapper/producer's home, prompting him to get his gun. In a video that made its way out online, Young Chop was seen topless and went outside to his front porch before firing guns at them.

Chop later addressed the incident on Instagram Live on Sunday. "Yo, they need to go hire some more shooters, bro," Chop said to viewers on his Live after showing footage of the shattered glass in the car. "Really, bro. Y'all let off that many shots and ain't hit s**t, bro."

The tension between Young Chop and 21 Savage started after the former threw shade at him on Instagram. He said of 21 Savage on Instagram, "Don't run no more @21savage this n***a a h** lol thanks for the promo p***y." 21 Savage later responded to Young Chop's diss, "Make sure y'all go get his tape when it drop cuz he need da clout and pray for him cuz he done lost his mind."

However, that apparently didn't stop Young Chop from taunting the "Bank Account" rapper. Young Chop kept wilding on Instagram and it appeared that the two were exchanging insults in DMs. 21 Savage then went on Instagram Live to blast the drill producer, saying, "U think u tough cuz u from Chicago."

"You think just 'cause you from Chicago, you just the toughest n***a in America. Like, that s**t -- n***as down here don't give a f**k," the "A Lot" spitter continued ranting in his little IG Live party during his self-isolation. "It's p***y n***as in every inch of the world. It's p***y n***as in the most treacherous hoods. It's n***as that's h**s, at the end of the day."

He added, "All that, 'I'm from here. I'm from there,' it don't mean nothing. N***a 'give a f**k where you from."

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