Tank Mocks Tyrese Gibson for 'Running Away' From Him - See His Response

In a since-deleted post, the 'Maybe I Deserve' singer admits that he's been waiting to kick the 'Furious 7' actor's 'a** since he broke up TGT,' a group they formed back in 2007.

AceShowbiz - Tank apparently still has ill feelings towards Tyrese Gibson ever since the split of their R&B supergroup TGT. The "Maybe I Deserve" singer has recently publicly challenged his former groupmate to a battle because he's tired of seeing him "running from this smoke."

In a since deleted post, Tank shared a screenshot of a Twitter draft that read, "For the record @tyrese is running from this smoke! Not a light jog either but a full sprint… Somebody tell Swiss and Tim to get this fool in the cage so we can get this work in The General." Not stopping there, Tank added in the caption, "Been waiting to kick his a** since he broke up TGT."

He even directly mentioned the actor, mocking him by saying he'd release a song called "Nervous". Soon after that, Tyrese jumped to the comment section of the post with his response. The "Furious 7" actor mocked him back, "T There's only one king of social media and that ain't you… Lol. There's no way you will get a raise out of me to press play… After you play PLEASE DON't go the vs would end… Lol."

He also said that Tank should have challenged PJ Morton instead of him because they are similar in skill.

Tyrese later posted a video in which he said, "Tank don't want no smoke with me. No one can deny all the records you're producing for all the n***as in the gang, and we thank you for that. Salute. But if we're gonna be pressing play, it'd be over before it started, my n***a."

Tyrese and Tank, along with Ginuwine, formed TGT in 2007 and released their first single "Please Don't Go (The TGT Remix)" in that same year. Despite being active since 2007, the three only released their debut album in 2013 entitled "Three Kings". They didn't unveil any new music after that.

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