Kristen Bell Reveals Why Dax Shepard Needs CGI Assistance Should He Get 'Tiger King' Role

The 'CHiPs' star has got the support of John Finlay as he heavily endorses himself for the part of Finlay's husband Joe Exotic in a potential film or TV series project.

AceShowbiz - Dax Shepard is heavily campaigning for the role of "Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness" star Joe Exotic in a new TV series or big screen project after learning the jailed zoo boss' ex-husband thinks he'd be perfect for the role.

Dax's wife Kristen Bell admits the "CHiPs" star was thrilled to hear John Finlay had endorsed his campaign to grab the part of Joe Exotic, and now the Hollywood couple is doing everything it can to make the dream a reality.

"Dax would be so thrilled, because we loved that show!" Bell told Entertainment Tonight.

But she admits there is one snag - Dax has "an actual massive fear of killer animals."

"One time, we went to Africa and he was very hesitant in the van to even look out the window when we were on a safari watching the animals," she explained, "so he said that they'd have to figure out how to CGI big cats. He said, 'I'm not gonna be doing any stunts with a 600-pound animal.' "

"But he's very much in. He's very much campaigning for the role. I think he would be brilliant."

Finlay recently told ET he'd like Channing Tatum to portray him in a potential "Tiger King" movie - a casting coup Bell also loves.

"That's genius," she added. "And also, Dax and Channing are very good friends, so they could pull this off easily. They have to do it!"

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